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Collision of two aircraft from the United States. Four atomic bombs fall in Spain - 1966.

On January 17, 1966, the inhabitants of Palomares, the coastal village of the province of Almeria, Spain, panicked when two US Air Force planes crashed into the sky. The crash involving the B-52 bomber and the KC-135 plane culminated in the death of eight crew members and dropped three 70-ton hydrogen bombs on land and one offshore. Approximately 1,000 soldiers and experts were sent to the area to collect the wreckage of the Palomares accident. None of the bombs were armed, but the threatening material from two of them eventually leaked from the blast caused by the heavy impact, forming craters and spewing radioactive plutonium over the fields. A third bomb landed in the dry Almanzora riverbed and was recovered relatively intact. The fourth bomb fell into the sea in an unknown location. However, after extensive research, it was recovered. The United States responded to approximately 500 complaints from residents of Palomares, whose health was affected after the accident.