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Where and when stuntman Ian B. Jamieson performed in Poland in '80?

Where and when stuntman Ian B. Jamieson performed in Poland in '80?

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I've these 3 old pictures of mine:

So my question is:

Where and when stuntman Ian Bruce Jamieson performed in Poland?

Some known details:

The pictures are from around 1986 taken in Szczecin, Poland. On the picture you can also find reference to Auto Moto Rodeo (Polish automotive revue). I think there is also a Ian's book Kaskader which suppose to describe this event (but I don't have it). It seems there is not much details at Wikipedia. This could be potentially on Sea Days in Szczecin on 21 june 1986, but it's just a guess (link). Potential places are near Odra river, King Chrobry's Embankment.

Based on above, is there any way of historically confirming the place and the date?

After performing some social media searches, I realized that Mr. Jamieson has a Facebook page. I have started a short dialog with him during which he has responded thusly:

Me: "When did you perform in Poland in the 70's?"

Ian: "Hi Chris, It all happened in 1986"

Me: "By the way, the reason I asked was to answer a question asked here: Where and when stuntman Ian B. Jamieson performed in Poland in '80?"

Ian: "Chris, I performed all over Poland. Are you one of the boys in the photo? Warsaw, Konin, Poznan, leszno, szczecin, bydgosh, koszalin, katowice, Raciborz"

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