Human geography

Human geography

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Human Geography has as its main objective the accomplishment of a study of the relations of the man with the physical environment, considering that he is a transforming agent of the surface of the planet Earth.

These transformations that happen due to social needs affect the economy, migration flow, environment, industry, technology, tourism, agriculture, rural conflicts, social, political and cultural activities, in short, all human relations developed in the national territory. In this section, we present content on these topics.

The population and its spatial dynamics

Populated vs. populated
Population Concentration
Demographic Theories
Brazilian population growth
Population Migrations
Migratory Movements in Brazil
Population Structure
Economically Active Population (PEA)
Social indicators

Urbanization Process

Concepts and definitions
Consequences of disordered growth
Urbanization in Brazil
Metropolitan regions
Brazilian megalopolis
Urban problems

Economic activities

Energy sources
Hydraulic energy
Fossil energy
Solar energy
Biomass energy
Wind energy
Nuclear, geothermal and gravitational energy
Brazil's economic activities


Animal extractivism
Vegetal extractivism
Mineral extraction


Geopolitics in World Space Organization
Conflicts in the World - Europe
Conflicts in the World - Africa
Conflicts in the World - Asia