Vegetation Map in Brazil

Vegetation Map in Brazil

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The following is the map of the Brazilian vegetation, as well as the characteristics of each of the types mentioned.

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Vegetation Map of Brazil (click to enlarge)

Amazon rainforest
It is moist and has dense and heterogeneous vegetation cover. +
Atlantic forest
It has rich and varied vegetation, original of the humid coast and the interior of the southeast. +
It has shrub and herbaceous formations. It is a typical formation of central Brazil, where the climate is alternately dry and humid. +
Forest of Cocais
Concentrated in the mid-north, it is a transition formation between the Amazon forest and the caatinga. +
Vegetation adapted to the typical water scarcity of the northeastern backcountry. +
Araucaria Forest
The araucáurias or pines predominate. +
Complex vegetation of the floodplain of the Mato Grosso wetland. +
Formed by grasses and shrubs. They predominate in the south of the country. +
Coastal Vegetation (Mangroves)
Common in coastal wetlands. +