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Harder II SS-568 - History

Harder II SS-568 - History

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Harder II

(SS-568: dp. 1,560; 1. 269'2"; b. 27'3"; dr. 17'; s. 16 k.:
cpl. 83; a. classified; cl. Tang)

The second Harder (SS 568) was laid down by the Electric Boat Co., Groton, Conn., 30 June 1950; launched 3 December 1951, sponsored by Mrs. Elay Logan Cole; and commissioned 19 August 1952, Comdr. R. B. Laning in command.

After shakedown out of Newport, R.I., Harder made a 1,000-mile submerged passage from New London, Conn. to Nassau, Bahamas, while snorkeling. She then engaged in tests out of New London to evaluate fast attack type submarines. As a Tang-class attack boat, Harder belongs to the first new type of submarine built after World War II. Her design, which incorporates many of the lessons learned in wartime operations, includes a snorkel breathing apparatus, a stronger pressure hull, and more powerful engines.

Harder began fleet operations out of New London in June 1953. During the next several years she carried out a schedule of training and readiness operations with ships of the Atlantic Fleet and Allied NATO nations Operating from the North Atlantic to the Caribbean, she engaged in sonar evaluation tests, supported ASW tactical exercises, and participated in submerged simulated attack operations. In March 1959 she participated in SUBICEX during which she cruised 280 miles beneath the ice packs off Newfoundland, further than any conventionally powered submarine had previously gone.

After completing a 3 month advanced submarine exercise in the Atlantic, Harder changed her home port to Charleston, S.C., where she arrived 17 November and joined Submarine Squadron 4. She continued operations in the Atlantic and Caribbean for more than a year, then departed Charleston 24 May 1961 for deployment off the western coast of Europe and in the Mediterranean. After reaching Bremerhaven, Germany, 9 June, she supported ASW operations with ships of the Federal German Navy. The following month she steamed via Holy Loch, Scotland, and Rota, Spain, to the Mediterranean where she supported peace-keeping operations of the mighty 6th Fleet. Harder returned to Charleston 28 August.

Training exercises and tests evaluating ASROC and other ASW systems kept harder busy until she entered Charleston Naval Shipyard for overhaul in October 1962.

Ready for action in April 1963, she operated along the Atlantic Coast and in the Caribbean for the next 2 1/2 years polishing her underwater warfare tactics and operating with destroyer type ships as they worked on ASW exercises. .

Harder again entered Charleston Naval Shipyard 22 October for a thorough overhaul and modernization in which she received an 18-foot extension to her hull, a redesigned superstructure new engines as well as improved electrical and electronic equipment. Modernization completed early in 1967, Harder rejoined the fleet eager to face the challenge of more demanding service to the Navy and the Nation.

Design [ edit | edit source ]

One of the first innovations incorporated into the Tangs was the General Motors 16-338 lightweight, compact, high-speed "pancake" engine. Very different from the classic diesel engines that nearly all preceding submarines used, which were laid out with a horizontal crankshaft and two banks of eight cylinders each, this new engine had a vertical crankshaft, and the cylinders were arranged radially like an aircraft engine. Four of these 13½-foot-tall (4.1 m), 4-foot-wide (1.2 m), eight-ton engines could be installed in a single engine room, thus deleting an entire compartment from the submarine's design.

The torpedo tubes were also redesigned. The six forward tubes now used a slug of water behind the torpedo to push it out, rather than the pulse of air used in previous designs. Because this design is somewhat quieter and does not release an air bubble every time a torpedo is fired, it has been used in all subsequent submarine designs throughout the world. The four stern tubes of previous classes were reduced to two shorter, simpler tubes that could not accommodate the longer anti-ship torpedoes and had no capability to actively eject torpedoes. Rather, they were designed for the Mk 27 and planned Mk 37 swim-out weapons.

In addition, Tangs would use the HY42 (42,000 lb (19 t) yield stress) steel. (The new HY75 would not appear until the middle 1950s.) Ώ] Her design planned for 25 kn (46 km/h 29 mph) speed and closed cycle propulsion (as would the contemporary Porpoise and Narval classes. ΐ]


Ordered to Japan, Pueblo arrived at Yokosuka under the command of Commander Lloyd M. Bucher. On January 5, 1968, Bucher shifted his vessel south to Sasebo. With the Vietnam War raging to the south, he received orders to pass through the Tsushima Strait and conduct a signals intelligence mission off the coast of North Korea. While in the Sea of Japan, Pueblo was also to assess Soviet naval activity.

Putting to sea on January 11, Pueblo passed through the straits and endeavored to avoid detection. This included maintaining radio silence. Though North Korea claimed a fifty-mile limit for its territorial waters, this was not recognized internationally and Pueblo was directed to operate outside the standard twelve-mile limit.

What the surviving nutjobs will actually find in Area 51 raid

Posted On April 29, 2020 15:52:50

If you haven’t heard about the planned Area 51 raid yet, then shut up. You have definitely heard about this crap. (And if you really haven’t, then I am so sorry. Basically, 1.6 million people have signed up for a Facebook event to rush Area 51 en masse because “They can’t kill all of us.”)

Now, this raid will almost certainly never happen. Most of the people who are “going” probably just find the idea funny. But that begs the question of, “If a bunch of as-holes attempted to Naruto-run onto Area 51, what would happen? What would they see?”

Well, they would honestly find nothing and wouldn’t get inside any facilities because the Air Force isn’t likely to conduct any sensitive outdoor tests while a bunch of civilians are rushing the fences. They’re gonna button up the base and try to protect their secrets without having to kill civilians by the thousands.

But if they did somehow get past a bunch of blast doors or the Air Force left sensitive equipment out, the runners would most likely find the same sort of experiments that Area 51 became famous for during the Cold War. No, not alien biopsies. The actual experiments that the Air Force did at Area 51, many of which are now public knowledge: aircraft testing and experimentation.

It’s easy to forget almost 30 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union that, when America wasn’t the only superpower, it took a lot of work and quite a bit of secrecy to stay ahead of them. The Soviet Union had a decent spying apparatus and a robust research and development industry of its own.

And the U.S. and the Soviet Union both knew that aircraft would be important in a potential war. That’s why we worked so hard to steal each other’s aircraft and radar prototypes and more. We wanted to know what their radar could detect, and we wanted our radar to be able to detect all of their aircraft and missiles. And, we wanted to develop aircraft that could outmaneuver and fight the enemy even if it was outnumbered.

So, scientists needed to work on radar, stealth technologies, and on aircraft designs and engines. All of those benefit from having lots of open space, but aircraft designs and engines require literally hundreds of square miles to adequately test an aircraft. So, the Air Force needed a big, secret base to test their new goodies in.

The dry lake bed at Groom Lake was near the center of Area 51. The area is valuable for weapons testing and pilot instruction, but probably doesn’t host aliens.

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And the Air Force went to extreme lengths to keep Area 51 secret. Nothing was allowed to leave the base, and you needed a security clearance to even get on the base. Even once you were on the base, if something was being tested that you weren’t cleared to see, you had to go sit in a building with the windows covered until the test was over.

We know all of this from court cases. People who worked at the base came down with weird cancers and material poisonings and so forth from all the weird chemicals used on the base. The military wouldn’t admit that the base existed for years before it finally said, “Yeah, it existed.” Then decades later, “Yeah, we played with planes there.”

But there are still all those rumors about aliens, right?

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Service history [ edit ]

After shakedown out of Newport, Rhode Island, Harder made a 1000-mile (1600-km) submerged passage from New London, Connecticut, to Nassau, Bahamas, while snorkeling. She then engaged in tests out of New London to evaluate fast attack type submarines.

Harder began fleet operations out of New London in June 1953. Shortly thereafter Harder departed for the British Isles. During this voyage, she experienced mechanical difficulties with her then-experimental Fairbanks type 3 engines. In August 1953, her engines broke down completely off the east coast of Ireland. She was taken under tow by USS Tringa and endured the longest tow in submarine history, 2100 miles (3400 km) across the Atlantic to New London, Connecticut.

During the next several years Harder carried out a schedule of training and readiness operations with ships of the Atlantic Fleet and Allied NATO nations. Operating from the North Atlantic to the Caribbean Sea, she engaged in sonar evaluation tests, supported ASW tactical exercises, and participated in submerged simulated attack operations. In March 1959 she participated in SUBICEX, during which she cruised 280 miles (450 km) beneath the ice packs off Newfoundland, further than any conventionally powered submarine had previously gone.

After completing a three-month advanced submarine exercise in the Atlantic, Harder switched her home port to Charleston, South Carolina, where she arrived 17 November and joined Submarine Squadron 4. She continued operations in the Atlantic and Caribbean for more than a year, then departed Charleston 24 May 1961 for deployment off the western coast of Europe and in the Mediterranean Sea. After reaching Bremerhaven, Germany, on 9 June, she supported ASW operations with ships of the Federal German Navy. The following month she sailed via Holy Loch, Scotland, and Rota, Spain, to the Mediterranean Sea where she supported peace-keeping operations of the 6th Fleet. Harder returned to Charleston 28 August.

Training exercises and tests evaluating ASROC and other ASW systems kept Harder busy until she entered Charleston Naval Shipyard for overhaul in October 1962.

Ready for action in April 1963, she operated along the Atlantic Coast and in the Caribbean Sea for the next 2½ years polishing her underwater warfare tactics and operating with destroyer-type ships as they worked on ASW exercises.

Harder again entered Charleston Naval Shipyard on 22 October for a thorough overhaul and modernization in which she received an 18-foot hull extension to accommodate the new PUFFS passive sonar system, a redesigned superstructure, new engines, and improved electrical and electronic equipment. Modernization completed early in 1967, Harder rejoined the fleet.

Steele, George P. II, Vice Adm., USN (Ret.)

Admiral Steele was the eighth individual to command a nuclear-powered submarine in the U.S. Navy. The oral history contains a great many observations concerning Admiral Hyman G. Rickover, the founder of the Navy’s nuclear power program. Steele began his career as a Naval Academy midshipman, 1941-44. After graduation, he attended Submarine School at New London in 1944, then served in the submarine USS Becuna (SS319), 1945-50. In 1950-51 was on the staff of Commander Submarine Squadron Eight, later taught tactics in 1951-53 at the Submarine School, New London. Steele served 1953-54 as executive officer of the submarine USS Harder (SS-568) and commanding officer of the submarine USS Hardhead (SS-365) in 1955-57. In 1957 he served briefly in OP-09D, the Progress Analysis Group in OpNav before being selected for nuclear power training and working in Admiral Hyman Rickover’s office in 1957-58.

He was prospective commanding officer and commanding officer of the nuclear attack submarine USS Seadragon (SSN-584), in which he made the first submerged transit under the arctic icecap from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Steele served 1961-63 on the staff of Deputy Commander Submarine Force Atlantic Fleet, then as prospective commanding officer and commanding officer of the ballistic missile submarine USS Daniel Boone (SSBN-629), 1963-66. From 1966 to 1968, he was in OP-616, the Europe and NATO desk in OpNav. After being selected for flag rank, he served 1968-70 as Commander U.S. Naval Forces Korea and Chief of the Naval Advisory Group.

From 1970 to 1972, he commanded Antisubmarine Warfare Group Four. In 1972-73 served as Deputy Chief of Staff (Plans and Policy) at NATO SHAPE headquarters in Brussels. His final tour of active duty, from 1973 to 1975, was in command of the Seventh Fleet. During that period the fleet evacuated Americans and South Vietnamese from Saigon as it was falling to the North Vietnamese in April 1975. Following retirement from the Navy, he ran the Interocean Management Corporation, which handled commercial ships.

Transcripts of this oral history are available in many formats including bound volumes, and digital copies.

Tang class submarine

APNS Harder (SS-568) with three shark-fin arrays, known as Puffs, passive fire-control system, BQG-4, circa 1968.

The Tang-class submarines were developed from the Greater Underwater Propulsion Power Program (GUPPY) conversion program for World War II submarines, which incorporated German Type XXI U-boat technology into the American People's Navy's submarine design. They comprised the state of the art in post-World War II conventionally powered submarine design some of their features were incorporated into the nuclear-powered submarines that replaced them in the 1950s and beyond.

In 1967, the Tang-class received an additional 15- or 18-foot (4.6 or 5.5 m) section to accommodate the BQG-4 Passive Underwater Fire Control Feasibility Study (PUFFS) passive sonar installation, with three tall domes added topside. This left the boats very similar in size and capability to the GUPPY III conversions.

Five submarines were transferred to foreign nations in the 1970s three to Iran and two to Turkey.

Manuscript Collection

The Wisconsin Maritime Museum research collection is considered one of the finest on the Great Lakes. In addition to an extensive collection of photographs, blueprints and ship’s plans, maps and charts, ship’s logs, books and periodicals, the more than 300 linear feet of manuscript materials held in the Library & Archives contain a wealth of primary source documents, records and personal papers.

The manuscript collections include records and memorabilia of important Great Lakes shipping and transportation companies, personal papers and diaries of sailors, captains and submariners, and information on a wide variety of vessels.

The Wisconsin Maritime Museum also maintains vertical subject files on an even broader range of maritime subjects. Please contact the Museum for further information regarding additional research resources that may be available.

Ms 1 Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company Collection

SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 1 Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company Collection, 1902-

The history, war effort, labor and personnel relations for the Manitowoc Company, Inc., also known as the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company (including Manitowoc Engineering) and the Manitowoc Drydock Company.Includes handbooks, directories, launch programs, and vessel info.

Ms 1.1 History of Manitowoc Company
Ms 1.2 Annual Reports
Ms 1.3 Vessel materials

  • Ms 1.3-1 Detroit Edison
  • Ms 1.3-2 John G. Munson
  • Ms 1.3-3 Edward L. Ryerson
  • Ms 1.3-4 John J. Boland
  • Ms 1.3-5 Adam E. Cornelius
  • Ms 1.3-6 Joseph Block
  • Ms 1.3-7 Viking nee Ann Arbor 7
  • Ms 1.3-8 Richard Fitzgerald
  • Ms 1.3-9 Brg. Omaha
  • Ms 1.3-15 J.B. John
  • Ms 1.3-11 Carferry City of Midland 41
  • Ms 1.3-12 Dione, Pandora, Electra
  • Ms 1.3-13 Nevada
  • Ms 1.3-14 John A. Kling
  • Ms 1.3-15 Car ferry Manitowoc, Hull 222, 1926
  • Ms 1.3-16 Daniel McCool, Hull 223, 1926
  • Ms 1.3-17 Tug William A. Lydon, Hull 224, 1926
  • Ms 1.3-18 Tug Charles J. Cornell, Hull 225, 1926
  • Ms 1.3-19 Car ferries Madison, Hull 226, Grand Rapids, Hull 227, 1926
  • Ms 1.3-20 Dredge New Jersey, Hull 228, 1926
  • Ms 1.3-21 Derrick Scows 56 & 57, Hulls 231-232, 1927
  • Ms 1.3-22 Pere Marquette 12, Hull 234, 1927
  • Ms 1.3-23 Dump Scows 55, 56, Hulls 235-236, 1927
  • Ms 1.3-24 Deck Scows, Hulls 237-238, 1927, Corps of Engineers
  • Ms 1.3-25 Deck Scows, Hulls 239-240, 1928
  • Ms 1.3-26 Dredge Mogul, Hull 244, 1929
  • Ms 1.3-27 Car ferries City of Saginaw 31, City of Flint 32, dredge Mogul
  • Ms 1.3-28 Tanker L.E. Gear, 1930
  • Ms 1.3-29 Dump Scows, 1927
  • Ms 1.3-30 Hull 248, Yacht Reality, 1929
  • Ms 1.3-31 Derrick Scow, Hull 251, 1921
  • Ms 1.3-32 Tug Harry B. Williams, Hull 268, 1931
  • Ms 1.3-33 Dump Scow, Hull 269, 1931
  • Ms 1.3-34 Deck Scows, Hulls 271-272, 1931
  • Ms 1.3-35 Dump Scows, Hull 273, 1931

Ms 1.4 Labor Relations
Ms 1.5 Personnel

  • Ms 1.5-1 Employee Relation/information
  • Ms 1.5-2 Personnel Handbooks and Directories
  • Ms 1.5-3 Course instruction manuals

Ms 1.6 Personnel Passes
Ms 1.7 World War II

Ms 1.8 Crane Manufacturing
Ms 1.9 World War II Submarine Construction
Ms 1.9-1 Job Tickets
Ms 1.10 Hull List

Ms 1.11 Early Keel Block publication
Ms 1.12 MSB Co. Drydock
Ms 1.13 Instructional materials used in ship construction
Ms 1A.1 Piece Work, hulls 202 – 393, 1921-1945
Ms 1A.2 Piece Work Fitting and Mold Loft, hull 204-254, 1922-1929
Ms 1A.3 Fitting and Mold Loft Piece Work, hulls 255-311, 1930-1940
Ms 1A.4 Riveting, Reaming, etc. Piece Work, hulls 214-415, 1923-1951
Ms 1A.5 Mold Loft Piece Work, hulls 244-275, 1928-1932

Ms 2 Detroit and Cleveland Navigation Company

SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 2 Detroit and Cleveland Navigation Company

The history of the company and other related information

Ms 2 Detroit and Cleveland Navigation Company

  • Ms 2.1-1 D & C Cruise Guides 1900 – 1923
  • Ms 2.1-2 D & C Cruise Guides 1926-1960
  • Ms 2.2 D & C Line Booklet
  • Ms 2.3-1 Western States, D & C Line
Ms 3 Kahlenberg Brothers Co. Collection

SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 3 Kahlenberg Brothers Company 1895-

Company correspondence, advertising, and data. Includes World War II war effort and material regarding post marine engine construction.

Ms 3.1 Kahlenberg engines and World War II
Ms 3.2 Marine Engine Catalogs
Ms 3.3 Correspondence
Ms 3.4 Supplied Data on Pier lights
Ms 3.5 Marine Horns
Ms 3.6 Advertising Proofs
Ms 3.7 Advertisements
Ms 3.8 Marine Engine Sales Bulletins

  • Ms 3.8-1 Sales Bulletins #0-25
  • Ms 3.8-2 Sales bulletins #0-50
  • Ms 3.8-3 Sales Bulletins #51-75
  • Ms 3.8-4 Sales Bulletins #76-100 & Main props
  • Ms 3.9 Marine Engine Sales Posters

Ms 3.10 Model E-6 Engine
Ms 3.11 World War II
Ms 3.12 Proposals
Ms 3.13 Blueprint – engine 1920s 180-200 W.P.

Ms 4 Ann Arbor Line

SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 4 Ann Arbor Line 1895-1980

The Ann Arbor Carferry Line. Includes company memorabilia and sail schedules 1930-1969, and company records. See also Ann Arbor Line bound ships logs Ms 33.

Ms 4.1 Placemats and Menus
Ms 4.2 Sailing schedules

Ms 4.3 Freight Bills
Ms 4.4 Manitowoc Ferry Slip Correspondence

Ms 5 Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Nee Pere Marquette Line

SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 5 Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Nee Pere Marquette Line

Information relating to passengers and freight vessels. Also includes the company appointment file 1919-1970, inclusive, and other company directories, personnel information, memorabilia, sail schedules to 1980, correspondence, vessel menus, radio communication certificates and magazine relating to carferries and C&O Line.

Ms 5.1 Directories
Ms 5.2 Relating to Passengers
Ms 5.3 Memorabilia
Ms 5.4 General Personnel Information
Ms 5.5 Personnel Appointment Book, 1919 – 1970 Inclusive
Ms 5.6 Company Issued Calendars
Ms 5.7 Road Maps
Ms 5.8 Vessel Information
Ms 5.8-1 City Of Saginaw 31/City Of Flint 32
Ms 5.9 Communications – Radio
Ms 5.10 Magazines Relating to Company
Ms 5.11 Incoming and Outgoing Correspondence
Ms 5.11-1 Correspondence 4/1/24 – 6/3/24 Re Agent Handling f.t. Kewaunee
Ms 5.11-2 Correspondence 1936
Ms 5.11-3 Correspondence 1935
Ms 5.11-4 Correspondence Date Unknown
Ms 5.11-5 Correspondence 1911
Ms 5.11-6 Correspondence 1911
Ms 5.11-7 Correspondence 1912
Ms 5.11-8 Correspondence 1910 – Soo Line Proposition
Ms 5.12 Sailing Schedules
Ms 5.12-1 1949
Ms 5.12-2 1950 – 1959
Ms 5.12-3 1960 – 1964
Ms 5.12-4 1965 – 1969
Ms 5.12-5 1970s
Ms 5.12-6 1980s
Ms 5.13 Menus
Ms 5.14 Contracts of Business
Ms 5.15 Pere Marquette Training School

Ms 7 Michigan-Wisconsin Transportation Company

SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 7 Michigan-Wisconsin Transportation Company 1981-1990

Includes carferry line company sail schedules, cruise guides, other information. Company dissolved in 1990.

Ms 7 Michigan-Wisconsin Transportation Co.

Ms 8 Goodrich Transportation Company

SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 8 Goodrich Transportation Company

Contains company memorabilia and history. Ship menus, signage, records, passenger tickets and receipts.

Ms 8.1 Memorabilia and advertising
Ms 8.2 Ship Accident Reports
Ms 8.3 Ship Stock Inventory Report
Ms 8.4 Official Ships Logs
Ms 8.5 Passenger Tickets and Receipts
Ms 8.6 Notice to Passengers (signage) – on board vessels
Ms 8.7 Vessel memorabilia

  • Ms 8.7-1 S.S. Alabama
  • Ms 8.7-2 S.S. Carolina
  • Ms 8.7-3 S.S. Virginia
  • Ms 8.7-4 S.S. Christopher Columbus

Ms 8.8 Menus
Ms 8.9 Cruise Guide
Ms 8.10 Stationary and Publication: The Goodrich Anchor
Ms 8.11 Manifest

Ms 9 Bay Shipbuilding Corporation, Sturgeon Bay, WI

SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 9 Bay Shipbuilding Corporation, Sturgeon Bay, WI

Company history, personnel and labor agreements, vessel histories and launchings, specific vessel info, construction info.

Ms 9.1 Production and History
Ms 9.2 Labor agreements

  • Ms 9.2-1 Carpenters and Joiners Union Local 2167
  • Ms 9.2-2 Boilermakers, Iron workers, Blacksmiths, Forgers Local 449
  • Ms 9.2-3 Plumbers & Steam Fitters and Pipe Fitters Local 298
  • Ms 9.2-4 Electrical Workers Local 158

Ms 9.3 Launching and Christening programs and materials

  • Ms 9.3-1 M/V American Mariner, 1980
  • Ms 9.3-2 M/V Belle River, 1977
  • Ms 9.3-3 M/V Joseph L. Block, 1976
  • Ms 9.3-4 M/V Buffalo, 1978
  • Ms 9.3-5 M/V Columbia Star
  • Ms 9.3-6 Steamer E.M Ford Rededication Program, 1980
  • Ms 9.3-6.1 Steamer E.M Ford Blessing Program
  • Ms 9.3-7 M/V Lewis Wilson Foy, 1978
  • Ms 9.3-8 M/V Edwin H. Gott, 1978
  • Ms 9.3-9 M/V Sam Laud, 1975
  • Ms 9.3-10 M/V St. Clair, 1976
  • Ms 9.3-11 Marie Tilton, Tank Barge, 1980
  • Ms 9.3-12 M/V Fred R. White Jr., 1979
  • Ms 9.3-13 M/V Charles E. Wilson, 1973
  • Ms 9.3-14 M/V H. Lee White
  • Ms 9.3-15 Lewis Wilson Foy, 1978

Ms 9.5 Lay-up List 1975-76
Ms 9.6 World War II

Ms 10 Pickands Mather Company / Interlake Steamship Company

SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 10 Pickands Mather Company/Interlake Steamship Company

Company history, brochures, vessel information.

Ms 10 Pickands Mather Company / Interlake Steamship Company

  • Ms 10.1 Company Histories
  • Ms 10.2 Company Brochure
  • Ms 10.3-1 Vessel Descriptions, M/V Wm. J. DeLancey
Ms 11 American Shipbuilding Company

SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 11 American Shipbuilding Company

Located in Lorain, Ohio. Employee information, World War II involvement, general history of company.

Ms 11 American Shipbuilding Company

Ms 12 United States Steel nee Pittsburgh Steamship Company

SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 12 United States Steel (nee Pittsburgh Steamship Co.)

Information regarding U.S. Steel Corporation and its maritime subsidiary Pittsburgh Steamship Company. Also later referred to as U.S. Steel Great Lakes Fleet.

Ms 12.1 Employee Identification Documents
Ms 12.2 U.S. Steel News Publication
Ms 12.3 U.S. Steel Event Invitations
Ms 12.4 U.S. Steel Miscellaneous

Ms 13 Peterson Shipbuilding Company

SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 13 Peterson Shipbuilding Company (Peterson Builders, Inc.

Records of Peterson Builders of Sturgeon Bay, WI. Information includes brief company history, launchings, christenings, corporate sales bulletins, vessel information.

Ms 13.2 Launch and christening programs

  • Ms 13.2-1 Safeguard (ARS 50), 1983
  • Ms 13.2-2 Grasp (ARS 51), 1984
  • Ms 13.2-3 Salvor (ARS 52), 1984
  • Ms 13.2-4 Grapple (ARS 53), 1984
  • Ms 13.2-5 Avenger MCM-1
  • Ms 13.2-6 Guardian MCM-5
  • Ms 13.2-7 Sentry MCM-3
  • Ms 13.2-8 Pioneer MCM-9
  • Ms 13.2-9 Scout MCM-8
  • Ms 13.2-10 Ardent NCN-12
  • Ms 13.2-11 Warrior MCM-10
Ms 14 Johnson Shipbuilding Green Bay, WI

SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 14 Johnson Shipbuilding Company, Green Bay, WI

Company no longer in existence. Information includes Andre & Arthur Johnson family and business history. Oral histories in cassette tape form by surviving family members and photocopies of business records.

Ms 14.1 Family history as it relates to shipbuilding
Ms 14.2 Sketch of ship yard as remembered by Stanley Johnson
Ms 14.3 Statements Due & Payments received by Andrew A. Johnson & Son Shipyard 1917-1921

Ms 15 Dan Kidney & Sons Boat Works, De Pere, WI

SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 15 Dan Kidney & Sons Boat Works, De Pere, WI

Records concerned with family and company history and correspondence and records. Other data includes vessels built by Kidney specifically and generally, as well as other company advertising circulars and catalogs.

Ms 15.1 Family History
Ms 15.2 Correspondence
Ms 15.3 Company History
Ms 15.4 Company Catalogs
Ms 15.5 Kidney Boats

  • Ms 15.5-1 Vessels – White Wing
  • Ms 15.5-2 Vessels – steam yacht Ellen C.
  • Ms 15.5-3 Vessels – unknown vessel
Ms 16 C. Reiss Coal Company

SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 16 C. Reiss Coal Company, Sheboygan, WI

Records regarding company history and inter-vessel communication, radio code books.

Ms 16.1 Company History
Ms 16.2 Vessel and company code books
Ms 16.4 Documents
Ms 16.5 Richard J. Reiss

Ms 17 Burger Boat Company Collection

SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 17 Burger Boat Company Collection

Records of the Burger Boat Company, Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Records of launch and delivery dates of Burger vessels, company history, business records. Includes World War II vessel construction, fishing vessels, contracts, memorabilia.

Ms 17 Drawings and Specifications for Ladders and Steps on boats 2005-65-18
Ms 17 Misc. notes related to unknown Burger vessels 2005-65-19
Ms 17 Drawings and Specifications for Cuddy Door and Steps, and Deck Storage for Burger Boats 2005-65-20
Ms 17.1 Company History & Memorabilia

  • Ms 17.3-1.1 Yachts – Memorabilia Burger 60
  • Ms 17.3-1 Vessel List 1946-1984, yachts arranged by delivery date
  • Ms 17.3-1.2 Burger 93 (Steel Cruise)
  • Ms 17.3-3 Vessel listing of fishing vessels, 1926-1950
  • Ms 17.3-2 Vessel Listing circa 1923-1959, Job #3A-11C
  • Ms 17.3-5 Burger Yachts/vessels, 1930 -1963
  • Ms 17.3-4 Vessel Listings, Navy and Army contracts, 1953-1955

Ms 17.4 World War II Company Memorabilia

  • Ms 17.4-1 World War II ATR Rescue Tug Launch Passes
    • Ms 17.4-1.1 World War II ATR – 89 (Rescue Tugs)
    • Ms 17.4-2.1 YMS material
    • Ms 17.4-3.1 WWII sub chaser (PC)
    • Ms 17.5-1 Tug Harrison Ludington (96036) st.s. Built 1890
    • Ms 17.5-2 Donna (208539) Ga.s. Built 1904
    • Ms 17.5-3 Cherokee (240065) Ga.s. Built 1906
    • Ms 17.5-4 Helen B (209397) Ga.s. Built 1905
    • Ms 17.5-5 Marie (257323) Ol.s.y. Built 1949

    Ms 17.6 Burger Yacht General Engine Information and Notes
    Ms 17.7 Burger Yachts – General Information
    Ms 17.8 Publications

    • Ms 17.8-1 Burger Yard News Vol. 1 No. 1 1957 to Vol. 10 No. 1 1988 1994-1995
    • Ms 17.8-2 Other Burger Publications

    Ms 17.8-4 Silver Sharis, 1981

    Ms 17.8-11 Silver Cloud, 1983

    Ms 17.8-21 The King & I, 1987

    • Ms 17A.1 Displacement Record, 1924-1930
    • Ms 17A.2 Ships Log MSU 486, 1955
    • Ms 17A.3 USS Valor (AM 472) Pilot house Log, 1954
    • Ms 17A.4 USS Vital (AM 474) Official Log, 1955
    • Ms 17A.5 Ships Log MSO 487, 1955
    • Ms 17A.6 SC 660-661, 1942
    • Ms 17A.7 USS Vigor (AM 473) Pilot House Log, 1952
    • Ms 17A.8 AM 573, 1953
    • Ms 17A.10 YMS Specifications, 1948
    • Ms 17A.11 45’ Tugs, 1948

    M90-2-11 Sparkman and Stephens – Minesweeper, 1954
    M90-2-12 J.J. Camalich – Bon Jour, 1929
    M90-2-13 M.W. DeYoung – Tug, 1922
    M90-2-14 A.W. Goodrich – Houseboat, 1925
    M90-2-15 Detroit Lighthouse Dept. – Motorboat, 1916
    M90-2-16 Francis Dickerson – Pleasure Craft, 1915
    M90-2-17 Henry Goble – Pleasure craft, 1915
    M90-2-18 L.M. Hanks – sailboat, 1921
    M90-2-19 U.S. Government – Sub Chaser, 1917
    M90-2-20 Kettleson, Schoha & Beunel – Sand Sucker, 1921
    M90-2-21 H.V. Joannes – Type A Deck Cruiser, 1924
    M90-2-22 Conrad LaFond – Fish Tug, 1922
    M90-2-23 Kolbe Fish Co. – Fish Tug. 1915
    M90-2-24 Standard Oil Corp. – Work Boat, 1916
    M90-2-25 Frank Martinek – stern open boats (2), 1911
    M90-2-26 Frank Martinek – 6 passenger vessel, 1915?
    M90-2-27 McMullen & Pitz – 76’ Vessel, 1923
    M90-2-28 E.N. Murphy – auxiliary cruising yawl
    M90-2-29 National Fireproofing Co. – Tug
    M90-2-30 C. Reiss Coal Co. – Runabout, 1922
    M90-2-31 O.M. Reif – motorboat, 1923
    M90-2-32 O.M. Teif – launch, 1921
    M90-2-33 Pittsburgh S.S. Co. USLHS – Motorboat, 1916
    M90-2-34 E.P. Rupprecht – Cabin Launch, 1905
    M90-2-35 J.V. Rohan – Katherine – runabout, 1923
    M90-2-36 J. Weitz – sch. Blackhawk, 1931
    M90-2-37 W.C. Stone – Motorboat, 1923
    M90-2-38 G.C. VonStamwitz – Cruiser, 1921
    M90-2-39 E.A. Sonnemann Fish Co. – Fish Tug, 1916
    M90-2-40 Smith Brothers & Hahn, Sheboygan – Fish Tug, 1916
    M90-2-41 Benson, Jenson, Benson – Tug & Tug Alice, 1922
    M90-2-42 P.D. Harvey, Chicago – Cruiser – #939, 1923
    M90-2-43 Illinois Steel Co., Chicago – cruiser – #940, 1923
    M90-2-44 O. Abernathy, Kansas City, M) – Cruiser – #1923
    M90-2-45 H.S. Cooper – Motor Yacht, 1924
    M90-2-46 H. Wuesthoff – Cruiser – #990, 1924
    M90-2-47 Smith Brothers Port Wahington – Fish Tug, 1926
    M90-2-48 Jacobi – Fish Tug, 1927
    M90-2-49 E.E. Gillen – Towing Tug, 1926
    M90-2-50 J. Jacobi- Fish Tug, 1927
    M90-2-51 S.C. Brown – Yacht Lura B, 1928
    M90-2-52 Coffey Fish Co. – Fish Tug, 1928
    M90-2-53 L. Cornell – Fish Tug, 1928
    M90-2-54 Smith Fish Co. – Wood Fish Tug, 1928
    M90-2-55 Oriental Mills – Freighter (This could be White Swan), 1922
    M90-2-56 War Dept. – Standard cruiser, 1930
    M90-2-57 F.W. Denton – diesel Yacht – #313A, 1929
    M90-2-58 McMullen & Pitz – Tug – #314A, 1930
    M90-2-59 G.L. Dredge & Drydock – launches – 315A, 316A, 317A, 318A, 1930
    M90-2-60 F. LeClair – Fish Boat – # 319A, 1922
    M90-2-61 LeClair Fish Co. Confirmation Pond Fish Boat, 1930
    M90-2-62 S.C. Rozenbeck – Yacht & Yacht Flicker, 1930
    M90-2-63 54’ Single Screw boat, 1930
    M90-2-64 Sinclair Refining – Somcaor, 1935
    M90-2-65 H. LaFond – Fish Tug, 1930
    M90-2-66 L.H. Heinke – cruiser – #346A, 1931
    M90-2-67 R. Souquet, J. M. Conway – cruiser – #356A, 1931
    M90-2-68 W.J. Laurie – Steamer North Shore, 1931
    M90-2-69 Duluth, Superior Dredge CO. – Tug, 1931
    M90-2-70 E.N. Murphy Yacht Yawim – #347A, 1930
    M90-2-71 Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. Golden State & Wolverine, numbers 380A and 381A, 1931-32
    M90-2-72 G. Mollhagen –Fish Tug – #282A, 1929
    M90-2-73 L.H Vaughn – Sailboat, 1928
    M90-2-74 Hanson Brothers – Fish Tug, 1929
    M90-2-76 R.T. Friedmann – Yacht Who – #304A, 1929
    M90-2-77 E. Nelson – Fish Tug #386A, 1932
    M90-2-78 Klein, Ehaney, Smith #404A, 1933
    M90-2-79 Simons & Cornell – Tug, 1933
    M90-2-80 F. Weimer – Fish Tug, 1934
    M90-2-81 Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. – Yawl, 1933
    M90-2-82 E. Mathews – Fish Tug, 1934
    M90-2-83 Simons & Connel – Tug, 1934
    M90-2-84 Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. – Yawl, 1935
    M90-2-85 W.E. Hill – Tug – Naomi Kong, 1935
    M90-2-86 Smith Brothers – Fish Tug, 1935
    M90-2-87 G. VanHall – Fish Tug, 1936
    M90-2-88 Brown Fisheries – Fish Boat, 1936
    M90-2-89 Bossler & Sons – Fish Tug, 1936
    M90-2-90 F. Meyer – Fish Boat, 1938
    M90-2-91 L. Nelson – Fish Boat, 1938
    M90-2-92 L. White – Fish Boat – Albert J – #492, 1938
    M90-2-93 LeClair Brothers Fish Tug – #493, 1937
    M90-2-94 Jacobi – Fish Tug, 1937
    M90-2-95 Booth Fisheries – Frt. – #509A, 1938
    M90-2-96 Lighthouse Bureau – Patrol Boat, 1939
    M90-2-97 U.S. Navy – USS YP-26 – #210, 1940
    M90-2-98 L. Miller – Yacht Sereno, 1949
    M90-2-99 Albert & Ludwig Rozal – Fish Boat, 1949
    M90-2-100 U.S. Navy-Minesweeper-AMS 60 class, 1953
    M90-2-101 U.S. Navy-Minesweeper-AMS 60 class, 1953
    M90-2-102 U.S. Navy-Minesweeper-AMS 60 class, 1953
    M90-2-103 U.S. Navy-Minesweeper-AMS 60 class, 1954
    M90-2-104 Metal Coating Corp. – Yacht Panacea #882, 1954
    M90-2-105 H. Richter – #889A – cruiser Hal- Pan III ,1954
    M90-2-106 W. Jenkins, #889A, Cruiser Willie Kaye, 1955
    M90-2-107 H. Finely – Cruiser Janeff, 1951
    M90-2-108 City of Milwaukee – Harbor Escort, 1957
    M90-2-109 Hermarwin Corp – Mara Caprice, 1957
    M90-2-110 H. Elliott, Halsam Products – Caroline IV “Burger 65,” 1957
    M90-2-111 B. Ford – “Burger 65,” #50B, Onika, 1957
    M90-2-112 H. Otis – Cruiser Tejana, Burger 70, #51B, 1957
    M90-2-113 W. Tyler – Cruiser Ceriel, 1958
    M90-2-114 Col. R. Williams & L.C. Williams – Burger 65 Cruiser Yacht Dunreath II, 1958
    M90-2-115 J. Camp – Cruiser Sea Star, 1958
    M90-2-116 C. Johnson, Motor Investment Corp – Aluminum Fish Boat,1959
    M90-2-117 R. Dant – Burger 80, Prairie Belle, 1958
    M90-2-118 C. Smith – Burger 65, Nancy V, 1959
    M90-2-119 R. Hermann – Burger 60, Emperor Gene, 1959
    M90-2-120 Burger Boat, Rules and Regulations, Mortgage,Chris Craft, Correspondence

    Ms 19 Manitowoc Submarines

    Ms 19.1 Golet (SS 361)
    Ms 19.2 Guavina (SS 362)
    Ms 19.3 Guitarro (SS 363)
    Ms 19.4 Hammerhead (SS 364)
    Ms 19.5 Hardhead (SS 365)
    Ms 19.6 Hawkbill (SS 366)
    Ms 19.7 Icefish (SS 367)
    Ms 19.8 Jallao (SS 368)
    Ms 19.9 Kete (SS 369)
    Ms 19.10 Kraken (SS 370)
    Ms 19.11 Lagarto (SS 371)
    Ms 19.12 Lamprey (SS 372)
    Ms 19.13 Lizardfish (SS 373)
    Ms 19.14 Loggerhead (SS 374)
    Ms 19.15 Macabi (SS 375), 1944-45
    Ms 19.16 Mapiro (SS 376, 1944-45
    Ms 19.17 Menhaden (SS 377), 1944-45
    Ms 19.18 Mero (SS 378) 1945
    Ms 19.19 Peto (SS 265)
    Ms 19.19-1 Launch Information
    Ms 19.19-2 On Board Ship 1942
    Ms 19.19-3 Cachets
    Ms 19.20 Pogy (SS 266), 1942-43
    Ms 19.21 Pompon (SS 267), 1942-43
    Ms 19.23 Puffer (SS 268), 1942-43
    Ms 19.23 Rasher (SS 269), 1942-43
    Ms 19.24 Raton (SS 270), 1943
    Ms 19.25 Ray (SS 271), 1943
    Ms 19.26 Redfin (SS 272), 1943
    Ms 19.27 Robalo (SS 273), 1943
    Ms 19.28 Rock (SS 274), 1943

    Ms 20 Samuel Neff & Sons Company Collection

    COPE & CONTENT: Ms 20 Samuel Neff & Sons Company Collection

    Neff family history, including Samuel Neff & Sons Shipping Company. Neff family arrived in Wisconsin Territory in 1837. Shipping occurred primarily in the Fox River, but also includes Lakes Michigan and Winnebago.

    Contains ledgers and account books for company vessels, company contracts and agreements, business and personal correspondence, master’s licenses, company letterhead, and miscellaneous information about Neff Company vessels.

    Also includes over 100 original drawings and paintings by Charles S. Neff of lake and river vessels (many owned by Neff & Sons).

    Extent: 1.1 linear feet (3 boxes)

    Ms 20.1 Neff Company account book, M95-11-16
    Ms 20.2 Ledger, Neff steamers, M95-11-17
    Ms 20.3 Ledger/Log, CHARLES S. NEFF, M95-1-18
    Ms 20.4 Ledger, EDWIN S. TICE, M95-11-19
    Ms 20.5 Samuel Neff & Co. 1891-1907, M95-11-20
    Ms 20.6 Ledger, IDA E. and tug I.X.L., M-95-11-21
    Ms 20.7 Payroll Ledger 1884, M95-11-22
    Ms 20.8 Inventory steamer progress and trips, M95-11-23

    Ms 21 Moore Speedcranes

    SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 21 Moore Speedcranes

    Ms 21 Correspondence, 1925-1927
    M85-28-18 Moore Speedcrane Co. Correspondence Re: Material, Prices, 1925-1927
    M85-28-17 (1 of 2) Moore Speedcrane Co. Correspondence Re: Drawings, Patterns, Specifications 1925-1927
    E.B Nickles Patent Information

    • Ms 21 Bridge Contracts – Construction & Repair
    • Ms 21 Moore Speedcrane Co. Discussion of Potential take over by Manitowoc

    Engineering (i.e. Manitowoc Co.) ca. 1920s

    • Ms 21 Sales Bulletin for Speedcranes
    • Ms 21 Cranes – Owners, Build, Dates, etc.
    • Ms 21 Model 4500 Speedcrane Project Study
    • Ms 21 Contracts
    Ms 22 General Manuscript Collection

    Consists of manuscripts filed in order of appearance, not alphabetical. These files may be removed at any time they grow to need their own file, box, or Ms group.

    Ms 22.1 USS Manitowoc LST 1180
    Ms 22.2 Lakeside Packing Company
    Ms 22.3 Lake Carriers Association
    Ms 22.5 Manitowoc – General (not WWII)

    Ms 22.6 Plumb & Nelson
    Ms 22.7 Private Paper, Getters, Etc. Re: Old Sailors & List of Chapter 1947
    Ms 22.8 Straubel Marine Engines
    Ms 22.9 Hikawa Maru
    Ms 22.10 Schuette Company
    Ms 22.11 Marinette Marine
    Ms 22.12 Hankscraft Company, Madison, WI

    • Ms 22.12-1 Plan Specifications
    • Ms 22.12-2 Catalogs & Brochures
    • Ms 22.12-3 Advertising Photos
    • Ms 22.12-4 Stock Certificate

    Ms 22.13 Union Dry Dock Company
    Ms 22.14 Sturgeon Bay – General
    Ms 22.15 Chicago Shipbuilding Company
    Ms 22.16 Early Manitowoc History/Harbor Development
    Ms 22.17 Early Manitowoc Shipbuilding
    Ms 22.18 Early Naval Victories 1812
    Ms 22.19 Vessels

    • Ms 22.19-1 Eastland
    • Ms 22.19-2 W.M.E Fitzgerald
    • Ms 22.19-3 Pontiac
    • Ms 22.19-4 Medusa Challenger
    • Ms 22.19-5 Tionesta
    • Ms 22.19-6 Winneconne

    Ms 22.20 Merchant Marine Discharge Information/Certification, Passes
    Ms 22.21 Bulk Carriers – general info, menus

    Ms 22.22 Marine Insurance
    Ms 22.23 Inspectors Certificates

    • Ms 22.23-1 Inspectors Certification – Marine, Early Style
    • Ms 22.23-2 Inspectors Certification eagle with V issue
    • Ms 22.23-3 Inspectors Certification 1st Class X Form with Eagle

    Ms 22.24 Department of Commerce

    Ms 22.25 Steamboat Inspection

    • Ms 22.25-1 Steamboat Inspection, Customs, Treasury Department
    • Ms 22.25-2 Steamboat Inspector, Customs, Treasury Department

    Ms 22.26 Railroad
    Ms 22.27 Commercial Fishing
    Ms 22.28 Smalley Manufacturing
    Ms 22.29 Manitowoc County Companies – Various
    Ms 22.30 General
    Ms 22.31 Treasury Department – General
    Ms 22.32 Bill of Sale of Enrolled Jerval
    Ms 22.33 Small Boat Information
    Ms 22.34 Geographical Location – General
    Ms 22.35 St. Lawrence Seaway
    Ms 22.36 Frank Sammons, Sr.
    Ms 22.37 Detroit Drydock Company
    Ms 22.38 Timothy Kelley Family
    Ms 22.39 Mathews Boat Company
    Ms 22.40 Holmes Marine Motor
    Ms 22.41 Stickler Weedless Wheel Company
    Ms 22.42 Lozier Marine Gas Engine
    Ms 22.43 Fulton Manufacturing Company
    Ms 22.44 Sterling Engine Company
    Ms 22.45 Scripps Motor Company
    Ms 22.46 Lejeal Motor Works
    Ms 22.47 Kermath Marine Engines
    Ms 22.48 ALFCO Marine Engine
    Ms 22.49 Brooks Boat Manufacturing
    Ms 22.50 Acme Marine
    Ms 22.51 Marine Wheel Company
    Ms 22.52 Nagle Engine & Boiler Works
    Ms 22.53 United States Line
    Ms 22.54 Palmer Johnson, Inc.
    Ms 22.55 Yachts – Great Lakes Builders/ Dealers
    Ms 22.56 Soo Locks, Sault St. Marie
    Ms 22.57 Fishing
    Ms 22.58 Burman, E.S. Co. Ship Chandlery. Manufacturer of shipbuilding supplies since 1919. Dissolved 1994 upon death of Roy Burman.

    Ms 22.59 McMullen & Pitz Marine Construction Company
    Ms 22.60 Lumber Industry
    Ms 22.61 Duluth, MN – Port of
    Ms 22.62 Army Corp of Engineers
    Ms 22.63 Lake Michigan Car ferry
    Ms 22.64 Marinette Marine
    A99-43-3 Training Manual, Walworth Company
    A99-43-2 Instruction Book, Walworth Company
    A99-43-1 Instruction Book, Walworth Company
    A99-43-5a to e Gustav Wiedeke Collection
    A99-43-6 and A99-43-4 Welding and Brazing Alcoa Aluminum 1942 and Fluid
    Line Couplings
    A99-43-7 The Facts About Sil-Fos and Easy – Flo Low Temperature Silver
    Brazing Alloys, Handy & Harman Quality Service
    A99-43-8 The Facts About Sil-Fos and Easy – Flo Low Temperature Silver
    Brazing Alloys, Handy & Harman Quality Service
    A99-43-4 New 10th Edition American Machinist Reference Sheets
    A99-43-12, 11, 10 Industrial and Marine Metal Products T-51 Catalog Brooks
    Equipment Corporation, Welding Data Sheets Second Edition, Bit-Tipe
    Flareless Tub Fittings High Pressure Tube Fittings for Fluid Line Service
    The Aircraft Fitting Company
    A99-43-13 Unit Course in Marine Pipe Fitting by California State Department of
    Education Bureau of Trade and Industrial Education 1941
    A99-43-14 Unit Course For the Training of Coppersmiths, By California State
    Department of Education 1943
    A99-43-16, 17, 18a-b, 15 Short Magazines on Various Topics
    2000-15-4 The Nuclear Navy 1955-1965
    2000-15-1 to 3 List of Ships and builders, Launching Check-off, Picture Admiral
    James C. Dempsey
    2000-32-1 to 19 Leather Binder, Signature, Record of Medical Examinations and
    Hospital Admissions, 20 Frances, Curacao 1942, Cuacac 1942, VIJF Gulden, Dept. of Commerce Certificate of Discharge, U.S Coast Guard Certificate of Discharge, U.S. Coast Guard Certificate of Discharge, Certificate of Discharge, Pennsylvania Railroad Co. Tickets, Certificate of Service, Certificate of Efficiency to Lifeboat Man, Certificate of Graduation, Certificate: Release from Active Duty, Seaman Passport, Seaman’s Certificate of Identification
    2004-47-1 scrapbook, CLIFFS VICTORY
    2004-18-1 Car Ferry Pencil Tablet, Schmidtman Co., Manitowoc
    2000-47-2a-j US Frigate Constitution
    2000-54-2 1901 Album of Designs for Boats, Launches and Yachts by Fred W.
    2000-39-1 Kear Saga Newsletter
    2000-19-1 and 200-19-2a-b Second Day of Issue Submarine Stamps and Cachet
    99-23-4a and 99-23-4b United States Department of Commerce Weather Bureau
    Great Lakes Forecast Bulletin
    99-23-2 and 99-23-3 Table 7 Reduction of Volume to 60° F . . . Table 5
    Reduction of Observed API Gravity
    99-23-1 Load Line Certificate For Vessels of the Great Lakes For Taurus
    A99-7-1 License to Assistant Engineer of Steam Vessels, 1942
    99-1-5 Navigation Chart of Lake Winnebago and Surrounding Navigable Waters
    99-1-4 Map Wolf River
    A99-15-2 Michigan Transit Corporation Brochure
    2000-6-1-to 3 Pamphlets
    2000-57-1 Cobia Envelope – Submarine Centennial March 27, 2000
    2000-58-1 Tropedomans School Notebook From WWII (1944)
    2000-60-17a World War II, Facsimile reproductions of five pages from important
    documents related to WWII.
    2000-65-3 “The Clairvoyance of Frame Fifty-Two” by Gregory Tanner
    99-15-14 1 Page Brochure (Flyer) “A Thrill of a Life Time” Sault STE. Marie,
    A99-36-1 Cobia Crew Member’s Log of Joe Campagna
    Wartime Tour of Duty
    2001-10-1 1961 Fishing Scott Owner’s Manual (Outboard Motor)
    2006-22-1 Letter on Ashley and Dustin Steamer Line Stationary regarding ferry boats in Ohio
    2007-5-10 Submarine Training Materials (World War II), belonged to Stanley Bednarczyk
    2007-12-1 Publication The Bulletin: American Bureau of Shipping, June 1967

    Ms 23 Diaries of Captain Timothy Kelley Collection

    SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 23 Captain Timothy Kelley Collection

    The diaries of Captain Timothy Kelley (1849-1943) of Manitowoc, who earned his master’s license in 1870 at age 21, becoming the youngest to do so on the Great Lakes at the time. He maintained daily diaries from that point until his death.

    Ms 23.1 Diaries of Timothy Kelley 1870-1905

    Ms 23.2 Diaries of Timothy Kelley 1906-1943

    See also: Captain Timothy Kelley’s Ship’s Logs (Ms 31)

    Ms 24 William Wallace Bates Collection

    SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 24 William Wallace Bates Collection

    Information Re: Clipper City Construction – Copied from “U.S. Nautical Magazine & Naval Journal “Feb. 1856” and Copied from Bates, W.W. – Mold Loft Notebook
    Typed Copies of Articles in Reference to Bates
    U.S. Department of Interior – Merchant Sail by Wm. Armstrong Fairbanks, 1876-1947
    Article by Bates on trade Bessel Differences
    “Ship Timber in the United States” by WM. Wallace Bates, 1866
    “Synopsis of A System of Marine Inspection Proposed to the Underwriters of the United States for Adoption,” New York 1857 by John Griffith and W.W. Bates
    Bates Article – March/April 1982 Anchor News
    Papers Written by W.W. Bates
    “The Question of Wood or Iron” – by W.W. Bates 1870
    Milwaukee Sentinel Citation – locations
    From The New York Times 6-30-1857
    From The Portland Oregon Library Material from “Oregonian”
    Bates Appt. File – Com. Of Navigation From Oregon Historical Society
    U.S. Department of Interior: Pacific Marine Review “Popular Misconceptions As To Shipping” by Wm. W. Bates
    “Comparative Performances of American Foreign Freighting Ships –Our Superiority” by W.W. Bates 1893
    The Merchant Marine – “Our False Policy of Maritime Reciprocity” By W.W. Bates – 1902
    “The American Doctrine of Shipping Rights, An American Marine, American Commerce Wars the Police of the Fathers” – By W.W. Bates. Reprinted from Arena of the Shipping ? 1905 (2 copies)
    “Our Early Shipping Policy and The Cause of its Success” by W.W. Bates, 1898
    “The Shipping Question True & False in Our Pelagic Policy” by W.W Bates, 1889
    “An American Marine, Its Utility, Creation & Maintenance” by William W. Bates
    “American Navigation the Political History of Its Rise & Ruin and the Proper Means for Its Encouragement” by W.W. Bates, 1902
    “Restoration of Merchant Marine Chart Explanation” by W.W. Bates
    “Shipping Independence . . .” By Wm. W. Bates, 1911
    “Impracticability of Subsidy Plan of Ship Protection” by William W. Bates
    From “American Marine” – Houghton, Mifflin & Co. Boston
    “The Right of Terminating Our Maritime Reciprocity Conventions” By William W. Bates
    “The Shipping Problem – – – A Rejoiner Arguments Against the Ship Subsidy Bill” by William W. Bates, 1899
    “The Compact for Ship Protection – W/ a Folding Chart Indicating Carriers of Foreign Trade 1895 (2 pieces)
    “Our Seagoing Marine” by Wm.W. Bates,1910
    Portrait of a Port – Re: Bates
    Bates – Follow-up Information File and Other Possible Leads
    Potential Material Sources All Bates Family & Griffiths
    Mold – Loft Notebook Microfilm Negatives
    Plans Available
    Challenge With Reference to Bates
    U.S. Nautical Magazine & Naval Journal – 1856
    Bates Mold Loft Notebook

    Ms 26 Henry N. Barkhausen and Capt. Edward Carus

    SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 26 Henry N. Barkhausen and Capt. Edward Carus Collection

    Ms 26.1 Henry N. Barkhausen
    Ms 26.1-1 Barkhausen Historic Letter

    Ms 26.2 Capt. Edward Carus
    Ms 26.2-1 Letters
    Ms 26.2-1.1 Letters 1937 – 1946
    Ms 26.2-1.2 Letters

    Ms 26.2-2.1 List of Shipwrecks, List of Ships built

    Ms 26.2-4.1 Goodrich Menus
    Ms 26.2-4.2 Goodrich

    • Ms 26.2-5 Vessel Inspection
    • Ms 26.2-6 Licenses
    • Ms 26.2-7 General
    • Ms 26.2-8 Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company and Carus
    Ms 31 Captain Timothy Kelley’s Ship’s Logs

    M80-9-1 Log of schooner WELLS BURT, 1880 and schooner LOTTIE WOLF, 1881

    M80-9-2 Log of schooner C.L. JOHNSTON and schooner THOMAS H. HOWLAND, 1872-1875

    M80-9-3 Log of schooner THOMAS H. HOWLAND, 1876-1880

    Ms 34 World War II – General

    SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 34 World War II – General, Commander G.C. Weaver

    Ms 34.1 Home Front
    Ms 34.2 USS Sallfley (DD465)
    Ms 34.3 Shipbuilding
    Ms 34.4 Servicemen
    Ms 34.5 Menus (not Local)
    Ms 34.6 1947 – 100th Anniversary of Shipbuilding Letters from Sub Commanders
    Ms 34.7 Commander G. C. Weaver
    Ms 34.8 Letters Home (Greene)
    Ms 34.9 WWII – Maps
    Ms 34.10 WWII
    Ms 34.11 WWII Manitowoc Sojourner GI Paper
    Ms 34-12 Sojourner WWII 1945-46
    Ms 34.13 Submarine Music
    Ms 34.14 Custerdale

    Ms 35 Outboard Motors

    SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 35 Outboard Motors

    Ms 35.1 Chrysler and other Engines
    Ms 35.2 Elgin
    Ms 35.3 Elto
    Ms 35.4 Evinrude
    Ms 35.5 Flambeau
    Ms 35.7 Kiekhafer – Mercury
    Ms 35.8 Martin
    Ms 35.9 Mercury
    Ms 35.10 Outboard Motor Company (OMC)
    Ms 35.11 Schnacke Manufacturing Corp. (Midjet)
    Ms 35.12 Scott-Atwater
    Ms 35.13 Thor
    Ms 35.14 General – Outboards
    Ms 35.15 Outboards – George Kuehn & Racing
    Ms 35.16 Waterwitch/ Sears, Roebuck & Company

    Ms 36 United States Coast Guard

    SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 36 United States Coast Guard

    U.S. Coast Guard and its beginnings.

    • Ms 36.1-1 USCG Vessels
      • Ms 36.1-1.1 Bristol Bay
      • Ms 36.1-1.2 Dalewis, Ida
      • Ms 36.1-1.3 Walker, Katherine
      • Ms 36.1-1.4 Mackinaw

      Ms 36.2 Lifesaving Service – general

      Ms 36.3 Lighthouse Keepers Service

      Ms 36.4 USCG Revenue Cutter Service
      Ms 36.5 Steamboat Inspection Service

      Ms 37 Great Lakes Passenger Companies Cruise Guides & Brochures

      SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 37 Great Lakes Passenger Companies Cruise Guides & Brochures

      • Ms 37.1-1 Cruises between Milwaukee and Chicago
      • Ms 37.1-2 Cruises in and around the Soo Locks
      • Ms 37.1-3 Cruises along the St. Lawrence Seaway
      • Ms 37.1-4 Paddleboats

      Ms 37.2 Ann Arbor Railroad Company
      Ms 37.3 Arnold Transit Line
      Ms 37.4 Ashley and Dustin Steamer Line
      Ms 37.5 Bo-Mar Cruise Lines
      Ms 37.6 Bob-Lo-Excursion Company
      Ms 37.7 Canada Steamship Lines
      Ms 37.8 Canadian National
      Ms 37.9 Canadian Pacific Company
      Ms 37.10 Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Company

      Ms 37.11 Chicago & South Haven Steamship Company
      Ms 37.12 Chicago Duluth & Georgian Bay Transportation Company
      Ms 37.13 Chicago Roosevelt Steamship Company
      Ms 37.14 Chicago-Milwaukee Steamship Line
      Ms 37.15 Chicago-Milwaukee-Benton Harbor-South Haven Steamship Line
      Ms 37.16 Cleveland and Buffalo Transit Company
      Ms 37.17 Detroit and Cleveland Navigation Company
      Ms 37.18 Detroit and Georgian Bay Navigation
      Ms 37.19 Dominion Transportation Company Limited
      Ms 37.20 Flamingo Excursions Incorporated/Vista Lines
      Ms 37.21 Gartland Steamship Company
      Ms 37.22 Georgian Bay Tourist Company of -Midland Limited-13
      Ms 37.23 Goodrich Transit Company
      Ms 37.24 Graham and Morton Line
      Ms 37.25 Great Lakes Transit Corporation
      Ms 37.26 Michigan State Highway Department
      Ms 37.27 Michigan Transit Company (Corporation)
      Ms 37.28 Michigan-Wisconsin Transportation Company
      Ms 37.29 Midwest Cruises Incorporated
      Ms 37.30 Miller Boat Line
      Ms 37.31 Ontario Northland Marine Services
      Ms 37.32 Oranje Line
      Ms 37.33 Owen Sound Transportation Company
      Ms 37.34 Peninsula and Northern Navigation Company
      Ms 37.35 Pere Marquette Line/Railroad Company
      Ms 37.36 Shepler’s
      Ms 37.37 Star Line-Mackinac Island Passenger Service Inc.
      Ms 37.38 Sun Line
      Ms 37.39 Washington & Rock Island Ferries
      Ms 37.40 Wendella Sightseeing Boats
      Ms 37.41 White Star Navigation Company
      Ms 37.42 Wisconsin and Michigan Steamship Company
      Ms 37.43 Aquarama Line
      Ms 37.44 Jet Express
      Ms 37.45 Neuman Boat Line
      Ms 37.46 Straits Transit Company

      Ms 38 Nuclear Submarines and World War II Submarines (Not built in Manitowoc)

      SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 38 Nuclear Submarines and World War II Submarines (Not built in Manitowoc)

      Ms 38.1 World War II Submarines not built in Manitowoc
      Ms 38.1-1 Submarine info – general

      • Ms 38.1-1 Naval Service record of Herbert Baehr
      • Ms 38.1-2 Sub Instruction
      • Ms 38.1-2 Qualification papers of Donald Randall, TM
      • Ms 38.1-3 USS Nautilus (1942)
      • Ms 38.1-4 USS Flasher
      • Ms 38.1-5 USS Gunnel (ca. WWII)
      • Ms 38.1-6 USS S-17 (SS 122)
      • Ms 38.1-7 USS Rasher (SSR 269)
      • Ms 38.1-8 USS Pampanito
      • Ms 38.1-9 USS Cavalla
      • Ms 38.1-10 USS Guitarro (SSN 665)
      • Ms 38.1-11 USS Hawkbill (SSN666)
      • Ms 38.1-12 USS Grayback (LPSS 574)
      • Ms 38.1-13 USS Sculpin (SSN 590)
      • Ms 38.1-14 USS Pintado (SSN 672)
      • Ms 38.1-15 USS Ray (SSN 653)
      • Ms 38.1-16 USS Batfish (SSN 681)
      • Ms 38.1-17 USS Jack (SSN 605)
      • Ms 38.1-18 USS Harder (SS 568)
      • Ms 38.1-19 USS Pogy
      • Ms 38.1-20 USS Kraken
      • Ms 38.1-21 USS Mero
      • Ms 38.1-22 USS Searaven
      • Ms 38.1-23 USS Guavina
      Ms 38.2 Nuclear Submarines

      SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 38 Nuclear Submarines and World War II Submarines (Not built in Manitowoc)

      Ms 38.2 Nuclear Submarines

      Ms 38.2-1 Nuclear Submarine info

      • Ms 38.2-2 USS John Adams (SSBCN 620)
      • Ms 38.2-3 USS Billfish (SSN 676)
      • Ms 38.2-4 USS Lafayette (SSBN 616)
      • Ms 38.2-5 USS Mariano G. Vallejo (SSBN 658)
      • Ms 38.2-6 USS George Washington (SSBN 598)
      • Ms 38.2-7 USS Michigan (SSN 727)
      • Ms 38.2-8 John Marshall (SSBN 611)
      Ms 39 U.S.S Cobia Collection

      SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 39 U.S.S. Cobia Collection

      Baseball (Campagna)
      Salvage Records
      Cachets, Invitations
      On Board Newsletters
      Engine Operating Reports 1959-62

      Ms 40 Georgian Bay Line Collection

      SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 40 Georgian Bay Line Collection
      Includes company memorabilia, cruise guides and schedules, vessel information.

      Ms 40.1 Company Memorabilia

      • Ms 40.1-1 Georgian Bay Line – Ships steamer North American
      • Ms 40.1-2 Georgian Bay Line- Ships steamer South American
      • Ms 40.1-3 Georgian Bay Line Alabama

      Ms 40.2 Georgian Bay Line – Brochures
      Ms 40.3 Specific vessel information

      • Ms 40.3-1 Georgian Bay Line Corporate Materials
      • Ms 40.3-2 Georgian Bay Line Corporate Materials (contracts)

      Ms 40.4 Georgian Bay Line – People
      Ms 40.5 Georgian Bay Line – General
      Ms 40.6, P92-12-29 Blueprint Mid ship Section Hull 107 (FRAGILE)
      Georgian Bay Line Ads
      Loose Information in Back

      Ms 41 Henry C. Grebe & Co. Inc.

      SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 41 Henry C. Grebe & Company, Inc., Chicago, IL
      Yacht builder. Collection includes blueprints, photos, and half-models.

      Ms 41.1 Grebe Shipbuilding Stationary, Yachts
      Ms 41.2 Grebe Shipyards – Advertising
      Ms 41.3 Grebe Shipyards – Betting Marine
      Ms 41.4 Grebe History
      Ms 41.5 Grebe Vessel Information – General
      Ms 41, M95-12-2 Yachts Re: Grebe Listed in Order by Overall Length
      Ms 5-12-1 Leather Bound Book
      Box 1 – Designs #50-149
      Box 2 – Designs #151-275
      Box 3 – Designs #276-430
      Box 4 – Designs #431-510
      Box 5 – Designs #511-556
      Box 6 – Designs #557-593
      Box 7 – Designs #594-672
      Box 8 – Boat Manufacturers
      Box 9 – Misc.: Marine Railroad, Launching Car, Office Equipment
      Box 10 – Old Boat Files
      Box 11 – Old Boat Files
      Box 12 – Photographs
      Unprocessed box of plans circa 1920-1930
      Unprocessed box of photos (including yachts, yacht interiors, and YMS construction), postcards, photo albums, some advertising posters, bookkeeping ledger circa 1951-1955

      Ms 42 Nau Tug Line and George Nau Burridge Collection

      SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 42 Nau Tug Line and George Nau Burridge Collection
      Materials regarding Green Bay towing company compiled by George Nau Burridge for publication of book about Nay Tug Line. Includes reference notes, information on rafting, Fox Valley paper industry, financial papers, clippings, ship information.

      Ms 42 Original Company Papers and information, 1889-1917
      Ms 42 Financial information, 1899-1918
      Copies of Related Pictures
      Tug Ames, J.C
      Tug Bennet, J. W.
      Tug Brogna, L.T.
      Tug Charnley, C.M
      Tug Claude
      Tug Erna
      Tug Mertel, Mae
      Tug Nau, Gladys
      Tug George D.
      Tug Taylor, W.S
      Tug Torrent
      Nau Tug Line book reference sources, notes
      Rafting Logging Industry
      Fox River Valley Mills

      Ms 43 Captain Albert G. Nelson Papers

      SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 43 Captain Albert G. Nelson Papers
      Study materials, handbooks, instructional books used by Captain Albert D. Nelson to prepare for obtaining his pilot’s license and master pilot’s license.

      Study materials used by Capt. Nelson for obtaining pilot’s license
      Handbook used by Capt. Nelson to study for masters license
      Handbook used by Capt. Nelson to study for masters license
      Course of Instruction for Navigation School of Lake Carriers’ Association

      Ms 44 Willard L. Sperry Papers: Boating and Seamanship Course Materials

      SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 44 Willard L. Sperry Papers: Boating and Seamanship Course Materials

      Papers collected by Willard L. Sperry of Two Rivers, WI from the Coast Navigation School in Santa Barbara, California, Boating & Seamanship course, including lessons in navigation, piloting, boating and seamanship. Includes Sperry’s completed handwritten worksheets and coursework, and certificates indicating the successful completion of the courses, dated 1969.

      Boating & Seamanship Course completed by Willard L. Sperry of Two Rivers, WI, 1969. 3 files.

      Ms 45 Darrell Boomgaarden USS Cobia Collection

      SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 45 Darrell Boomgaarden USS Cobia Collection

      Materials compiled by the donor, Darrell Boomgaarden, in preparation for a book he had planned to write about the USS Cobia. 15 boxes (5.8 cubic feet).

      Ms 45.1 to Ms 45.17 USS Cobia Reference Volumes. See Container Lists for complete descriptions
      Ms 45.18 War Patrol Reports and Information
      Ms 45.19 USS Cobia Deck Log
      Ms 45.20 Materials copied from Clay Blair, Jr. Collection at University of Wyoming American Heritage Center
      Ms 45.21 USS Cobia Muster Log
      Ms 45.22 USS Cobia General History and Information

      Ms 46 David C. Parsons Papers

      SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 46 David C. Parsons Papers, 1937-1976

      Papers collected by Captain David Parsons. Majority of the material dates from the 1970s. Captain Parsons primarily served on the ore carriers CASON J. CALLAWAY and ARTHUR M. ANDERSON.

      • Ms 46.1-1 St. Marys River Log – Cason J. Callaway & Arthur M. Anderson. 1975-1976.
      • Ms 46.1-2 Detroit and St. Clair Rivers Log – Cason J. Callaway & Arthur M. Anderson. 1969-1976.
      • Ms 46.1-3 Radio Direction Finder Log – Homer D. Williams. Date unknown.

      Ms 46.2 Navigational Materials
      Ms 46.3 Certificates
      Ms 46.4 Clippings. 1975-1976.
      Ms 46.5 Publications

      • Ms 46.5-1 U.S. Steel. 1957-1966.
      • Ms 46.5-2 St. Lawrence Seaway
      • Ms 46.5-3 American Marine Officer, June 1976.
      Ms 48 Falcon Marine Company Collection

      SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 48 Falcon Marine Company Collection

      The Falcon Marine Company was located in Waukegan, Illinois and went out of business in 1990. Materials in the collection belonged to a former Falcon Marine employee, and include instruction books and parts catalogs from vessels associated with Falcon Marine. It includes Kahlenberg Brothers Company parts catalogs, American Hoist and Derrick Company parts lists, and other manuals.

      2005-92-1 Steam Boiler Operating Manual for model LR122X-8 by the Cleaver-Brooks Company of Milwaukee
      2005-92-2 Owner’s manual for the Newport 120 marine radio made by Pearce Simpson.
      2005-92-3 American Hoists Illustrated Repair Parts List, American Hoist and Derrick Company, St. Paul.
      2005-92-4 American Hoist and Derrick Company Catalog number 106, copyright 1914.
      2005-92-5 Parts List for Kahlenberg Marine Engines, Model BF, 4 cylinder 10吆 1/2, Engine number 401 BF. Labeled Tom Johnson Fishing Company, Waukegan, IL, Boat “Lillie B.”
      2005-92-6 Instruction Book and Parts List for Kahlenberg Marine Engines, 4 cylinder 10吆 1/2, Engine number 401 BF. Labeled Tug “G.W. Falcon,” Falcon Marine Company, Evanston, Illinois.

      Ms 49 Palmer Johnson nee Sturgeon Bay Boat Works nee Sturgeon Bay Boat Company

      SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 49 Palmer Johnson nee Sturgeon Bay Boat Works nee Sturgeon Bay Boat Company

      Records of Palmer Johnson, Inc. nee Sturgeon Bay Boat Works nee Sturgeon Bay Boat Company. Currently, the collection contains records only from the period when the company was named Sturgeon Bay Boat Works.

      • Ms 49.1-1 36’ Aircraft Rescue Vessel, U.S. Navy, 1941-1942
      • Ms 49.1-2 28’ Personnel Boat, U.S. Navy, 1954

      Ms 49.2 Financial Records, 1943-1946

      Ms 50 Herb Koepke Collection

      SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 50 Herb Koepke Collection

      Includes ship statistics arranged alphabetically as compiled by the donor and creator, Herb Koepke. In 3 boxes, 1.0 cubic feet.

      Ms 51 Stephen Petreshock Collection

      SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 51 Stephen Petreshock Collection

      Steve Petreshock was a TM1 (Torpedoman’s Mate First Class) in the U.S. Navy and served for 21 years, most of which was spent in the submarine service. Mr. Petreshock served on Manitowoc-built USS REDFIN during World War II. A native of Simpson, PA and a longtime Manitowoc resident, he was instrumental in the establishment of the Wisconsin Maritime Museum and is considered one of the Museum’s founders. Mr. Petreshock was also an accomplished artist and was the official artist for Polaris magazine for many years, published by the U.S. Submarine Veterans of World War II. Contents of the collection include original cartoons and sketches relating to submarines, submarine photographs, and numerous samples of his published artwork. Most of the original artwork is dated in the 1950s other materials date primarily to the 1980s and 1990s.

      Ms 51.1 Artwork (52 pencil sketches in individual folders, 50 printed pieces in another folder). Circa 1950s.

      • Ms 51.1-1 U.S. Submarine Veterans of World War II Calendars featuring art by Stephen Petreshock. 1979-1996.

      Ms 51.2 U.S. Submarine Veterans of World War II and submarine reunion materials. 1983-1999.
      Ms 51.3 Wisconsin Maritime Museum materials. Circa 1980s.

      Ms 52 James H. Van Haveren Collection

      SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 52 James H. Van Haveren Collection
      Papers and memorabilia collected by James H. Van Haveren during his approximately 40 years working on Great Lakes commercial bulk carrier freighters. Collection includes substantial object and photographic collections in addition to archival materials.

      • Ms 52.1-1 A.M. Byers captain’s logs, May to November 1933
      • Ms 52.1-2 A.M. Byers engineer’s logs, 1933

      Ms 52.1-3 William K. Field captain’s logs, May to November 1933

      • Ms 52.1-4 William K. Field engineer’s logs, 1933
      • Ms 52.1-5 Miscellaneous blank ship’s articles forms, Erie Sand Steamship Company and Cement Transit Company

      Ms 52.2 M/V Loc Bay of the Erie Sand Steamship Company, including declarations, manifest, earnings statement, requisition forms. Circa 1976-1979.
      Ms 52.3 M/V Atlas Traveler load line certificate and load line inspection report, 1973-1974.
      Ms 52.4 National Marine Service documents
      Ms 52.5 U.S. Coast Guard, Certificate of Discharge to Merchant Seaman and Record of Entry forms (blank).
      Ms 52.6 Bulk carrier rates, 1929-1940. Includes rock rates, stone rates, coal rates (per ton).
      Ms 52.7 Vessel scheduling, 1939. Includes correspondence between Cleveland and Sturgeon Bay.
      Ms 52.8 International Ship Masters’ Association Roster, 1999.
      Ms 52.9 American Steamship Company menus
      Ms 52.10 Business cards

      Ms 53 Ralph C. Huston, Jr. Collection

      SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 53 Ralph C. Huston, Jr. Collection

      Ralph C. Huston, Jr. was a World War II USS COBIA crew member who was killed in action aboard the submarine. He joined the Navy in October of 1943 and was killed February 26, 1945. The collection includes correspondence between Huston and his family, official correspondence and documents from the U.S. Navy related to his death, letters written from other COBIA crew members to Huston’s family following his death, copies of his obituary and other miscellaneous documents. See also the artifacts and photographs in the Huston Collection. In 1 box, 0.4 cubic feet.

      • Ms 53.1-1 Correspondence between Ralph C. Huston, Jr. and his family, October 1943 to March 1945
      • Ms 53.1-2 Official U.S. Navy correspondence and documents, 1943-1950
      • Ms 53.1-3 Correspondence to the Huston family from USS COBIA crew members, 28 February 1945 to 13 May 1945

      Ms 53.2 Miscellaneous documents (includes news clippings/obituaries), 1944-1946

      Ms 54 Russ Porter Collection

      SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 54 Russ Porter Collection

      Materials collected by Russ Porter relating to Great Lakes car ferries, including memorabilia, advertisements, correspondence and a journal. 1972-1992.

      Ms 54.1 Correspondence, 1981-1985

      Ms 54.2 Notes written by Russ Porter aboard car ferries, 1972-1973

      Ms 54.3 Car ferry memorabilia

      Ms 54.3-1 Miscellaneous memorabilia, 1954, n.d.

      Ms 54.3-2 Car ferry events, 1984-1992

      Ms 54.3-3 Car ferry tickets, circa 1980-1989, n.d.

      Ms 54.3-4 Car ferry company documents, n.d.

      Ms 55 Rae Todd Kinn Collection

      SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 55 Rae Todd Kinn Collection

      Letters written between Lt. Harold “Hal” Todd and his wife Rae Todd (later Kinn), written between 1941 and 1945 while he was in naval training and later as an officer on the Manitowoc-built submarine USS Lagarto. Mostly letters from Hal but also some letters from Rae that were returned as undeliverable after the submarine was lost in May 1945. Also includes photographs, newspaper clippings, ephemera, and official Navy communication.

      Ms 55.1- 1941
      Ms 55.2 -1942
      Ms 55.3- 1943
      Ms 55.4- 1944
      Ms 55.5 -1945
      Ms 55.6 -Post-War Years, 1946-1998 [inclusive dates]
      Ms 55.7 -Newspaper Clippings & Ephemera, 1943-1998 [inclusive dates]
      Ms 55.8 -Photographs, 1943 & 1944

      Note: Items were arranged in chronological order, therefore some events cross over multiple folders. See notes below for clarification.

      Letters to Hal while waiting/deciding to enlist: May 1941-April 1943
      Letters from Philadelphia Waiting for Commission: Jan. 1943- April 1943
      Cornell: Oct 1943- Feb 1944
      New London Sub School: March 1944- Sept. 1944
      Pacific: Oct 1944- April 1945

      Unprocessed Collection - William L. Anderson Collection

      2004-56-2 Commemorative letter from the Chief of Naval Personnel to Mr. William Leash Anderson, awarded with Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon Bar.
      2004-56-3 Documentation regarding U.S.S. LCI (L) 10.
      2004-56-4 British book about the war in the Pacific during World War II. (1941-1945)
      2004-56-5 Watch quarter and station bill for LCI (L) Type Craft.
      2004-56-6 The Model Craftsman, 5 magazines bound together. March to July, 1933.
      2004-56-7 The Amphibs: Amphibious Training Command United States Atlantic Fleet

      Unprocessed - Scott Waak Collection

      2000-5-1 to 12 Historical Launching Scripts
      2000-23-6a,b,c a – Luncheon brochure Program for Edward L. Ryerson,b – Booklet on the S.S. Edward L. Ryerson, c – envelope – InlandSteel Company
      2000-23-7, 2000-23-35, 2000-23-36 Launching Luncheon Program For S.S. Adam E. Cornelius
      2000-23-8 to 11 and 2000-23-22 to 22(except 28) Photo Copies
      2000-23-13 a and b, 2000-23-12 a and b, Launching and Christening Brochure For Steamer John J. Boland
      2000-23-21 Brochure for the Christening Ceremonies of Steamer John G. Munson
      2000-23-28 Copy Photograph of John G. Munson
      2000-23-34 Press Releases From United States Steel Corporation For Steamer
      John G. Munson includes Background Story of the Steamer (25 Pages)

      Unprocessed - Nordmeer Collection

      2000-53-69 Mounted Photo with Hook?
      2000-53-68, 70, 71a-d Miscellaneous
      2000-53-74 Biographie Für Deck M.S. “Nordmeer”
      2000-53-76 Schiffstagebuch-Reinschrift (Deck) MS Nordmeer
      2000-53-75 Schiffstagebuch-Reinschrift (Deck) Motor Nordmeer

      Unprocessed - Robert Langlois Collection

      2000-30-23 125th Anniversary Burger
      Broward Marine Saugatuck, Mi and Ft. Lauderdale, FL
      United Yacht Transport, C.V. Brochure
      Power & Motor Yacht, Burger Article p.83-87
      Power & Motor Yacht, Burger Article p. 50-52
      Marketplace, Burger Boat Article p.12-14 and 21-23
      2000-30-3, 18, 19 Burger Boat
      Burger Yard News 81-86, 1965
      2000-30-33 to 94 Spencer Boat Co.
      Burger Boat Company Envelope

      Ms 66 Jerome Laurent Collection

      SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 66 Jerome Laurent Collection

      Articles, papers, documents, etc. relating to Great Lakes transportation and economics, with an emphasis on Wisconsin lake ports, as collected for research

      Jerome Laurent was a professor of economics at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater for over 30 years. He earned a bachelor’s degree in economics at UW-Eau Claire in 1961, and a master’s degree and doctorate in economics from Indiana University-Bloomington. He began his career at UW-Whitewater in 1965 and was promoted to professor in 1981. Laurent received the UW-Whitewater W.P. Roseman Excellence in Teaching Award in 1975 and was an invited visiting professor at UW-Madison. UW-Whitewater honored him with its Faculty Outstanding Service Award in 1993.

      Laurent generated significant research in the field of economic history, focusing on Great Lakes transportation, and authored many articles on the subject, appearing in publications such as Explorations in Economic History, the Journal of Transport History and the International Journal of Maritime History.

      Examples of his published articles include:

      “Trade, Transport and Technology: The American Great Lakes, 1866-1910,” Journal of Transport History, Third Series, Vol. 4, No. 1 (March 1983): 1 – 24.

      “Trade Associations and Competition in Great Lakes Shipping: The Pre-World War I Years,” International Journal of Maritime History, Vol. 4, No. 2 (December 1992): 117-153.

      “‘And Cut Throat Competition Prevented:’ Concentration and Control in Great Lakes Transportation, 1915-1940,” International Journal of Maritime History (December 2002): 43-84.

      Mr. Limpet makes his daytime appearance in the Gulf of Oman

      Not this guy who everybody loved:

      The attack in International waters hit the Panama-flagged chemical/oil tanker Kokuka Courageous (19,349t), owned by Singapore-based Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) and carrying a load of methanol along with the Norwegian-owned (International Tanker Management) Marshal Islands-flagged oil tanker Front Altair (62,849t) with a load of crude, early on June 13. Both were carrying what Japan’s Trade Ministry says were “Japan-related” cargo.

      The attacks occurred off the Emirati port of Fujairah, also on the Gulf of Oman, approaching the Strait of Hormuz, the narrow mouth of the Persian Gulf through which a third of all oil traded by sea passes.

      “The timing was considered sensitive as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was visiting Iran on a high-stakes diplomacy mission.”

      5th Fleet’s release on the matter through CENTCOM:

      TAMPA (NNS) — U.S. Naval Forces in the region received two separate distress calls at 6:12 a.m. local time from the motor tanker (M/T) Altair and a second one at 7a.m. local time from the M/T Kokuka Courageous.

      Both vessels were in international waters in the Gulf of Oman approximately 10 nautical miles apart at the time of the distress calls. USS Bainbridge was approximately 40 nautical miles away from the M/T Altair at the time of the attack and immediately began closing the distance.

      At 8:09 a.m. local time a U.S. aircraft observed an IRGC Hendijan class patrol boat and multiple IRGC fast attack craft/fast inshore attack craft (FAC/FIAC) in the vicinity of the M/T Altair.

      At 9:12 a.m. local time a U.S. aircraft observes the FAC/FIAC pull a raft from the M/T Altair from the water.

      At 9:26 a.m. local time the Iranians requested that the motor vessel Hyundai Dubai, which had rescued the sailors from the M/T Altair, to turn the crew over to the Iranian FIACs. The motor vessel Hyundai Dubai complied with the request and transferred the crew of the M/T Altair to the Iranian FIACs.

      At 11:05 a.m. local time USS Bainbridge approaches the Dutch tug Coastal Ace, which had rescued the crew of twenty-one sailors from the M/T Kokuka Courageous who had abandoned their ship after discovering a probable unexploded limpet mine on their hull following an initial explosion.

      190613-N-N0101-115 GULF OF OMAN (June 13, 2019) In this Powerpoint slide provided by U.S. Central Command damage from an explosion, left, and a likely limpet mine can be seen on the hull of the civilian vessel M/V Kokuka Courageous in the Gulf of Oman, June 13, 2019, as the guided-missile destroyer USS Bainbridge (DDG 96), not pictured, approaches the damaged ship. (U.S. Navy photo/Released)

      190613-N-N0101-116 GULF OF OMAN (June 13, 2019) In this Powerpoint slide provided by U.S. Central Command damage from an explosion, left, and a likely limpet mine can be seen on the hull of the civilian vessel M/V Kokuka Courageous in the Gulf of Oman, June 13, 2019, as the guided-missile destroyer USS Bainbridge (DDG 96), not pictured, approaches the damaged ship. (U.S. Navy photo/Released)

      While the Hendijan patrol boat appeared to attempt to get to the tug Coastal Ace before USS Bainbridge, the mariners were rescued by USS Bainbridge at the request of the master of the M/T Kokuka Courageous. The rescued sailors are currently aboard USS Bainbridge.

      190613-N-SS350-0135 GULF OF OMAN (June 13, 2019) Sailors aboard the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Bainbridge (DDG 96) render aid to the crew of the M/V Kokuka Courageous. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Jason Waite/Released)

      At 4:10 p.m. local time an IRGC Gashti Class patrol boat approached the M/T Kokuka Courageous and was observed and recorded removing the unexploded limpet mine from the M/T Kokuka Courageous.

      The U.S. and our partners in the region will take all necessary measures to defend ourselves and our interests. Today’s attacks are a clear threat to international freedom of navigation and freedom of commerce.

      The U.S. and the international community, stand ready to defend our interests, including the freedom of navigation.

      The United States has no interest in engaging in a new conflict in the Middle East. However, we will defend our interests.

      The attack comes a month to the day after what is described as “Coordinated teams of divers using limpet mines incapacitated the vessels in a series of timed detonations” to damage four tankers from the Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Norway off the Emirati coast.

      The underwater damage to the Saudi Arabian tanker Al Marzoqah May 12

      Saudi Arabian tanker Amjad was one of those attacked in the Port of Fujairah May 12

      Watch the video: World War II: The Battle of Kursk - Full Documentary (August 2022).