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Carlota Joaquina

Carlota Joaquina

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Queen of Portugal and honorary empress of Brazil (1775-1830). It is considered one of the main political articulators of the Portuguese kingdom.

Carlota Joaquina de Bourbon (22/4 / 1775-7 / 1/1830) is born at the Aranjuez Palace in Spain. Daughter of the Spanish king Carlos VI, he marries the crown prince of Portugal as a girl - she, 10 years old, he, 16. Soon begins their disagreements with her husband, which would culminate in conspiracies and betrayals. In 1805 he joins nobles to overthrow Dom John VI, then regent of the kingdom. He discovers the plot, separates from it and moves to Queluz while he stays in Mafra, both cities in Portugal. However, with the continental blockade decreed by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1807, she is forced to move with the Portuguese court to Brazil, a country that reneges and calls it "the land of blacks and ticks." Described as "almost horrendous" by various historians, in 1820 he had his lover, Francisco Braz Carneiro Leão, killed for jealousy. He is involved in the platinum issue as a suitor for the direction of the Spanish colonies of America, a project frustrated by Brazil's occupation of Uruguay. In 1821, because of the Porto Revolution, returns to Portugal. He refuses to sign the Constitutional Charter and allies with the clergy and the nobility to plot the Famous Street Conspiracy, an absolutist movement discovered in 1822. As a punishment, it is confined to Quinta do Ramalho. After the death of her husband in 1826, she supports the coup of her son Miguel against the queen Dona Maria II, daughter of Dom Pedro I. With the defeat of Dom Miguel, she is arrested in Queluz, where she dies.