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Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King

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American Black Leader (15/1 / 1929-4 / 4/1968). Born in Atlanta. His father and maternal grandfather were Baptist pastors, a career he also decides to pursue. At 22, he graduated in theology and two years later marries Coretta Scott, with whom he has four children.

In 1954, he assumed his duties as pastor in Montgomery, Alabama, the focus of the nation's largest race conflicts. In the southern states, racial segregation was protected by law. On Montgomery buses, for example, the driver had to be white, and only the last seats were available to blacks.
In 1955, because of the arrest of a black woman who had refused to give way to a white man, King led a boycott against bus segregation. The move lasts 381 days and ends with the US Supreme Court's decision to prohibit discrimination.

King then organizes black civil rights campaigns based on the Indian leader Gandhi's philosophy of nonviolence. In 1960 it manages to free black access to libraries, public parks, and cafeterias. Leads the March on Washington, which brings together 250,000 people in 1963.

At the end of it, he gives a famous speech that begins with the phrase "I have a dream" and describes a society in which whites and blacks live in harmony. The march results in the Civil Rights Act (1964), which guarantees equal rights between whites and blacks. He receives the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize. He is murdered by a white man.