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Society model which provides for the complete elimination of all forms of private property. It was an old proposal. For some experts, it has been present since antiquity in works such as Plato's. In The Republic, for example, he proposes the end of all forms of property - even family - as a means of strengthening public affairs. In modern times, the idea would be present in the thoughts of Englishman Thomas More, author of the book Utopia, in which he placed private property as the source of social injustice. From the Enlightenment onwards, ideology took on its current form, with the so-called utopian socialists, among them François-Noêl Babeuf, then influenced by the writings of Jean-Jaques Rousseau. But it was precisely the work of Karl Marx and Friederich Engels that gave communism proportions never seen before. Their theories and proposals influenced social movements in the following decades, such as the Russian (1917), Chinese (1949), and Cuban (1959) Revolution. And they endure to this day.

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