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Population Organizations

Population Organizations

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Living spaces

In your street and in your neighborhood lives and circulates many people. Every day you relate to your neighbors and to people who work in the neighborhood, such as marketers, shopkeepers, postmen, couriers, etc. You and these people form a community.

To live in community, it is necessary to follow certain norms, which must be respected to ensure a good social life, such as not throwing trash on the ground, crossing the street at the crosswalk, respecting traffic lights, not letting go of balloons, being considerate of the people who come to you, be helpful to the people who need help, address others with education, and so on.

Streets: What they are and how they are used

Streets are roads where people and vehicles circulate (cars, buses, motorcycles, bicycles and other means of transportation). If you pass or walk down a street, you will notice land, gardens, houses, buildings, shops, and other buildings on its banks.

The streets may be covered with asphalt or concrete blocks. The lining of the streets is named after cobblestone and its main function is to facilitate vehicle traffic as it leaves the streets flatter and free of potholes.

Pedestrians, that is, people who walk, walk on the sidewalks, higher and located on the sides of the streets.

An always necessary care that we must take when walking on the street is with traffic. The greater the traffic of vehicles on the streets, the more care will be needed to cross the street, preferably accompanied by adults and in the safe lane.

Some popular parties also take place on the streets. Every city celebrates traditional open-air parties, which bring together many people at certain times of the year. These parties can be religious or commemorative, such as carnival or bumba-meu-boi, among others.