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Holy Spirit

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Espírito Santo has the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Bahia to the north, Minas Gerais to the west and northwest and the state of Rio de Janeiro to the south. Every person born in the state is known as Capixaba or Espirito Santo.

In 1535, when the Portuguese settlers arrived at the Captaincy of Espírito Santo and landed in the Prainha region, the first population nucleus, called Vila do Espírito Santo, started. Due to the indigenous attacks, the leader Vasco Fernandes Coutinho decided to found another village, this time in one of the islands, which was called Vila Nova do Espírito Santo (Vitória), while the old one was called Vila Velha. There was a time, known to a few, when Espírito Santo was annexed to Bahia, with Salvador as its capital.

Today, the capital Vitória is an important iron ore export port. In agriculture, we highlight coffee, rice, cocoa, sugar cane, beans, fruits and corn. In livestock, beef cattle and dairy. In industry, food products, wood, pulp, textiles, furniture and steel.

The state also has famous parties, such as Vital (off-season carnival in November), the Polenta Festival in Venda Nova do Imigrante and the Alegre Art and Music Festival.

Coat of arms
The promised star appears in the distance… +
Total area
46,077,519 km²
3 972 388 inhabitants